Supporting our Community

Ways you can donate!

You can support the Brokenhead region by giving a gift or donation in the following ways:

  • Personal – a gift during your lifetime
  • By will – a bequest may be for a specific amount or for the residue of an estate or any portion thereof.
  • Life Insurance – insurance can be an ideal way to create a major gift at a relatively low cost to the donor.
  • Memorial gift – make a memorial gift to perpetuate the name of a friend or relative.
  • Multi-year pledge – you may make an initial contribution and a commitment to add to the initial donation over a period of years.
  • Corporate – a business may find it advantageous to use the Brokenhead River Community Foundation as a vehicle for its charitable purposes by establishing it own ‘named’ fund.

All donors will receive an official receipt for income tax purposes.
Donations to the foundation are used to support charities in the Brokenhead region. You can down load a donation form in Microsoft Word format donation-form.doc or as a pdf donation-form.pdf by clicking on the appropriate link.

Our foundation has several areas where a donor can direct their support. They are:

  • North Eastman Health Association
  • General Education
  • Environment
  • Sports and Community
    • Edward Schreyer School boys’ basketball program
  • Bursaries
    • Robert Rondeau Memorial Curling Bursary
    • Eric Lefko Memorial Agricultural Bursary
    • Four Schools Reunion Bursary
  • Science Bursary – special bursary for students going into a science related field
  • 2006 Winter Games – fund developed to support games involved in the Winter Games of 2006
  • Elizabeth Schreyer Archive Fund
  • Unrestricted – where the board will direct the funds to an area of greatest need.


Our foundation has a donors’ book at the library in down town Beausejour, with a yearly listing of all donors. You can view the book there or download a pdf version here.donor-book-page-0-22.pdf