2014 Grants

2014 Grants

The grants for 2014 were announced at our Annual General Meeting held at the Town Office May 14th at 7:00 PM.

Designated Grants

These grants are awarded from the funds established to support the specified group.

The ESS Sport Fund was created by a local family to support the boys’ basketball programs. This year’s grant was $167.

NEHA Fund was developed to support East Gate Lodge and Beausejour Hospital.  This year’s grant was $2691.

schreyer_smallSchreyer Fund was developed to maintain Edward Schreyer’s papers housed currently at the Broken Beau Museum.  Val Jackson presents this year’s grant of $390 to Rosemary Klym of the historical Society.



Winter Games Fund was developed to support winter sports.  This year’s recipient is Beausejour-Brokenhead Minor Hockey Association to assist them in purchasing goalie equipment for younger players, $1050.

Community Grants

soccer_smallBeausejour Soccer Association

This year’s grant of $1566 is presented to Sherri Chubey and Shannon Smyth of the Beausejour Soccer Association to be used for equipment and uniforms.


kids_centre_smallBeausejour Kids’ Centre

This year’s grant of $1000 is awarded to Toni Ragusta for educational material.


splash_smallSplash Pool

This year’s grant of $1500 is awarded to Bruce Schade for a new diving board.


daylilysmallFriends of Daylily Park

This year’s grant of $1000 is awarded to Lydia Ewasko for hard surfacing and corner park.


Bursaries and Scholarships:

Foundation scholarship for $1000.  –  Carleen Stefaniuk

Foundation bursary for $600 each – Caleb Jordan, Shana Spaas, Danika Dawson

Robert Rondeau Curling busary for $500 – Jared Black

Four Schools North bursary for $300 – Oliver LaVictoire

Eric Lefko bursary (agriculture) – $200

Science Bursary for $855 – Katrina Selch