Canada 150 Grants

Our foundation partnered with Community Foundation of Canada to make $10,000 available to celebrate Canada’s 150 Anniversary.  Recipients were:

  • Active Transportation received a grant of $2500 to develop a trail through Beausejour along the old railway bed.
  • Broken-Beau Historical Society received a grant of $2500 to construct a board walk through the village to make it more accessible to all visitors.
  • Air Cadet Squadron 249 received a grant of $2000 to purchase and display 128 Canadian flags in remembrance of the 128,000 Canadian’s that did not return from war.
  • Canada Day Celebration was awarded a grant of $1250 to support the community wide celebration of Beausejour/Brokenhead’s diverse community.
  • Summerfest received a grant of $1000 to support a family friendly event showcasing Canada’s history and multiculturalism.
  • Garson Hall received a grant of $750 to support it celebration with the citizens of Garson, Tyndall and area.

2017 Bursaries and Scholarships

Double Winner – Adhiraj Mukherjee

Adhiraj is this year’s winner of the Science Bursary from the Brokenhead River Community Foundation.  He will receive $800 toward his studies for his Bachelors of Science from the University of Winnipeg. He will be eligible to receive this bursary for up to four years of his science education.

He was also the recipient of the $1000 scholarship from the foundation.

Adhiraj plans to continue his education at the University of Manitoba with a career in medicine.

Double Winner – Kathryn Cullen

Kathryn Cullen was also a double winner.  She was awarded a foundation bursary of $700 and was the winner of the Robert Rondeau Memorial Curling Scholarship of $575.  Kathryn will be continuing her studies at University of St. Boniface

Madeline Toupin

Madeline was the recipient of a $700 bursary from the foundation and will be studying at University of Winnipeg.

Brooke Kintop

Brooke recieved the Four Schools North Bursary of $500 and is continuing her education at University of Manitoba.

Matthew Kaminski

Matthew received the Eric Lefko Bursary of $500 and his studying at the University of Manitoba in Agriculture.

Robert Harris

Robert is entering is third year of studies at University of Manitoba in the Science faculty.  He received the Science Bursary of $800.  This is the third time he has received this bursary and is eligible for one more year of support in his science education.

2017 Community Grants

At our Annual general meeting in May, our grants were announced.

Daylily Park

– A grant of $1000 to assist in the construction of an arbour.

Nolan Thomas Play Centre

– A grant of $2000 to assist in the purchase and installation of tables and play structures.

Beausejour Recreation Commission

– A grant of $850 for the purchase of an ice edger.

Beausejour Kids’ Centre

– A grant of $1000 to purchase toys, swing set, and storage shed.

Gillis Play and Learn Centre

– A grant of $1000 to purchase water and sand tables.

Beausejour Beautification

– A grant of $250 to purchase planters.

Katie’s Cottage, Winkler

– A grant of $250 to purchase benches and walking path


–  $3693 in support of Eastgate and Beausejour Hospital

Edward Schreyer School Boys’ Basketball Program

– $227 was granted to the boys’ basketball program at EESS from a fund created by a local family.

Brokenhead Historical Society

– $520 was granted to the Historical Society to assist them in preserving the papers of Edward Schreyer, former Premier of Manitoba and Governor General of Canada.