2006 Winter Games Legacy Fund

2006 Winter Games Legacy Fund

August 26 2010, was a good day for our Foundation and the community of Beausejour.  Reg Black and Bob Rondeau, co-chairs of the Host Society for the 2006 Winter Games held in Beausejour present a cheque for $29,250 to foundation president, Len Kolton.  This money will be used to create a special fund with the foundation to support the sports represented at the games.  This money will be invested and the interest used to support these sports.  It is expected to return an initial amount of approximately $1000 and should grow in the future.  The sports at the games were Alpine ski, Badminton, Bowling, Cross Country ski, Curling, Hockey, Volleyball, Figure Skating, Artistic Gymnastics, and Special Olympics Bowling.

This fund promises to be a future legacy and reminder to future athletes and community supporters of the hard work of the many volunteers who stepped up to make these games such a huge success.  Hopefully, it will encourage many in the future to strive to host such events.  Future athletes will benefit yearly from the support of this fund.

Thank you to all the volunteers and athletes – the Games were great!

Science Bursary

Christmas 2009 was a special one for the members of the Foundation.  An anonymous resident contacted us about making a special donation.  They wanted to give back to a community they had enjoyed for so many years.  Having an interest in all things scientific the board was asked if a fund could be created to promote education in science related areas.  To that end, the Science Bursary has been created with a donation of$10,000.  The money has been invested with The Winnipeg Foundation who has been administering a program for the provincial government.  The program saw additional money added to the fund bringing it close to $13000.This fund will be used to support students going on to further education in a science field be it theoretical or applied.  Students going on to a university or college in a wide range of fields of study from medical to engineering, astrophysics, or laboratory technology can benefit from this fund.